• Ecosystem Partners

  • At AIC, we understand you need to use a variety of components, be it hardware or software, to build solutions and vendors need to collaborate to deliver technologies that would work together in harmony.

    We partner with industry leaders in hardware and software fields to exchange product information, align offerings and make it a priority to test each other's products.

    When you use AIC's products with offerings from our partners, you can rest assured that your time to market is shortened since we've taken the initiatives to perform interoperability testing. You'll also get extensive resources from us and our partners should you need special support on your projects.

    We pride ourselves in delivering beyond server and storage hardware. Through partnering with industry leading companies, we facilitate your projects and solutions.

    For more information about our ecosystem partners, please click on the logos. For details on using our validated products or to get started configuring a new project with the help of our team, please contact AIC today.